What is Leadership?


April 26, 2019

Milton students have spent the last two weeks voting for next year’s Senior leaders in positions ranging from Head Monitors to Boarding and Dorm Monitors. TMP celebrates campus election season and values the role of the SGA in Milton’s community; however, we know that leadership on this campus does not begin or end with official titles.

Leadership isn’t a title, but an attitude. The Class II Retreat, or C2R, stresses the idea that the Senior Class as a whole, regardless of who holds official positions, can set a positive or negative tone for the rest of the school. Seniors are usually leaders in official capacities—Dorm Monitors, club heads, team captains, Editors-in-Chief—yet, we’re repeatedly reminded that each and every senior, regardless of position, will lead the student body. We’re told that upperclassmen should be good mentors to underclassmen, because younger students inevitably look up to older ones. Still, the idea that the school is largely led by seniors seems quite missguided.

Most often at Milton, seniors end up with all the titles and less of the attitude of leadership; for the first half of the year, we’re absorbed by the all-consuming college process, and in the spring we have one foot out the door. By the time second semester rolls around, we’re mostly thinking about what we want our post-Milton lives to look like. Of course, that’s not to say that seniors aren’t effective leaders or that we don’t care about this institution; if anything, our impending departure can make us care more about this place, because we’ve gained perspective that allows us to see the school’s strengths more clearly.

Conventional wisdom suggests that leadership positions should naturally go to seniors because at this point we’ve amassed the experience and maturity to take on such roles with care. Conveniently, we’re also the ones who must fill out the leadership tabs of The Common Application. Nonetheless, TMP wonders if our community should rethink these ingrained ideas of what Milton leaders look like and begin advocating that positions like club-head, team captain, and editorial board member


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