Track: Broken Records


On May 11, 2019, Milton’s track teams competed at the ISLs, which was hosted by the Governor's Academy. Both the girls’ and boys’ teams spent a long day competing, winning, and bringing trophies back from Byfield, MA to Milton, MA. Throughout the spring season, Milton’s track & field teams worked hard everyday, often in the rain, to build upon their success; this dedication paid off immensely at the ISLs.

As a whole, the girls’ team had a fantastic meet, placing third, but senior Ify Ofulue had a particularly impressive day. She competed in both the discus and shot-put events. Discus is a field event that requires each athlete to throw a discus further than their competitors. Similar to discus, shot-put tests athletes’ abilities to throw heavy metal balls as far as possible. In regards to Ify’s accomplishments, she began the meet by breaking Milton Academy’s school record in the discus event by throwing the discus a remarkable 129’10”.  She broke her own discus record and then proceeded to break the ISL meet record in throwing shot-put which managed to launch 41’10”. Ify’s record-breaking events led her to earn the ISL Field MVP Award. She has maintained a tremendous senior year on the track & field team and, as a captain, has led her team to a strong overall finish to the season.

Milton Track’s athletic accomplishments extend beyond the girls’ team: the boys’ track & field team finished fifth overall at the ISLs. As they competed, the boys also brought back more incredible record-breaking awards. The boys 4x400 meter relay team, made up of Stephen Irving (II), Pedro Mateo (III), Galen Lewis (I), and Paul Ehret (II), completed this race in just 3 minutes and 27 seconds.  This time shattered Milton Academy’s 36 year-old record in this event. Not only did the boys break Milton Academy’s school record in the 4x400 meter relay, but they also placed third at the ISLs in this event with their astonishingly quick time.

After a long and challenging season, both track & field teams improved enormously and placed in the top 5 teams in the ISL. the track & field teams have accomplished this season, and we celebrate their remarkable performances, from personal best times to broken records.

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Mark Pang