Liz Foster

When I was an underclassman, I pictured myself spending most of senior year in the Magus Mabus office. Instead, reality hit; Magus rejected me three years in a row, and I ended up spending all my time in the Paper Office. The cozy nook tucked within the walls of Warren became a comfortable space for me to do work, watch James Charles videos, and take plenty of naps.

Beyond the office, TMP showed me a space where students cared about their writing. Editing was something to be taken seriously, and the articles had to be well done. One could argue that I put too much effort into articles that would be flipped through because they weren’t controversial or particularly relevant to Milton. Regardless, I had a fantastic time writing about artists and albums that made a difference in my life. And Lil Pump.

Spending Monday and Tuesday nights crowded around Ms. Baker’s table really brings a group of people together. I’d like to thank TMP 35 for being a bunch of really cool people who made this year so enjoyable. When your eyes are going dry from staring at Google Docs for two hours straight, cracking jokes about heinous sentence structure really gets you through the struggle. You really learn who gives a f**k about an Oxford comma. Haha, get it? It’s a music reference and I’m the A&E editor.

To anyone considering writing for the Milton Paper next year, do it! My past two years with TMP shaped my high school experience more than I could have imagined. Between all the various clubs I’ve tried at Milton, TMP was by far my favorite.  Thanks for the mems TMP, I’ll see you in five years.


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