Telluride Recap


Each year, Telluride, the secluded town tucked into a box-canyon in the Colorado rockies, comes under siege. Hordes of movie-goers and movie-stars alike descend in buses and private jets for a visual feast as studios roll out their awards-season flicks. This year, Adam Sandler, Eddie Redmayne, Adam Driver, Felicity Jones, and Greta Gerwig, among others, dotted the crowds.

The real attraction, though, is the movies. From the smaller budget documentaries like Thom Zimney’s new piece on Johnny Cash, to future block-busters like James Mangold’s new action drama Ford V Ferrari, the festival caters to all comers. Among the films, though, a number emerged as must-sees. You can look forward to these flicks popping up in theatres near you in the next few months. So without further ado, here is your fall lineup.

First, Trey Edward Shults and A24 studios come together to bring a cutting epic on growing up in America. Waves follows a south-Florida family through an almost impossible onslaught of trauma in an exposé of grief, pain, and resolve. This film is a roller-coaster of heartbreak, and I invite the strong of heart to take a ride. Waves opens in theatres November 1st.

Next up, the Safdie brothers team up with Adam Sandler to produce what can only be described as a f*cked-up masterpiece. Uncut Gems forces Sandler’s character through a comical yet dark ordeal featuring mobsters, strippers, and Kevin Garnett. With a soundtrack like a jet engine and insanity around every turn, Uncut Gems is a must-see for action/adventure junkies. Coming to theatres December 13th. 

Off the beaten path, French director Céline Sciamma’s new feature, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, re-writes the classic queer love story. Written in the language of windswept beaches and sun-drenched castle chambers, Portrait pulls the audience into acceptance through casual normalization. You may have to trek out to the Brattle to see this one, but it's worth the trip! Opening December 6th.

James Mangold’s automotive romp, Ford V Ferrari, harnesses two masters of the screen, Matt Damon and Christian Bale, to build a powerful emotional arc around thrilling race scenes. Family-friendly without sacrificing cinematic integrity, Ford V Ferrari is a block-buster masterpiece. Everyone from car-fanatics looking for a dose of the GT-40’s throaty roar to mini-van drivers looking for a fun night at the movies should take a trip to see Ford V Ferrari. Coming to theatres November 15th.

Finally, no recap of Telluride would be complete without mentioning Noah Baumbach’s new drama: Marriage Story. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson are paired as a couple in the throws of divorce, and they could not be a better team. Emotionally devastating, insightful, and oddly hopeful, Marriage Story is sure to make a mark on the cinema world for years to come. See it in theatres starting December 6th.

Obviously, though, this is not an all-encompassing review of the fall lineup. Telluride represents a major slice of the coming attractions, but the New York Film Festival last week featured Martin Scorsese’s new film, The Irishman, which is already being celebrated as a masterpiece. Netflix and Amazon studios are the heralds of cinematic democratization, and we, the viewers, are already reaping the rewards.

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